Pharmaceutical Package Testing

In the pharmaceutical industry it is vital that the product is intact and uncompromised when the end customer opens it for the first time. Packaging materials used in the package design may include metal foil, glass, polymers, paper, laminations or a combination of these. Some of the closures used include screw-on, pilfer-proof, and crimp-on. Therefore package performance requirements require a unique set of test equipment and always a well-trained, experienced test staff.

Test requirements may require subjecting the pharmaceutical package / product to fundamental tests such as label adhesion, label abrasion, torque testing, or needle insertion. Depending on the product and package, leakage testing utilizing a vacuum chamber mounted on a vibration machine, accelerated aging, water vapor permeability, or package performance testing may be required.

Westpak begins by collaborating with the customer to understand the product, package, goals and purposes of the testing, and exactly what the customer wants and needs. Test protocols are identified and a test plan is laid out. When customized testing is required, our engineering service professionals will work with you to develop the plan and test parameters to be met. Package validation services for both production package and first articles are available.

Typical Procedures/Protocols

ASTM F2096
ASTM D5264
ASTM D6653 

Typical Sample Size

Typical sample sizes range from 30 to 60 samples.

10 free Test Samples

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